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Parole (Getting out of jail)

Parole has become nearly extinct in Canadian Provincial jails today – 2014 – (sentences of two years less a day and under). If you are sentenced to less than 2 years, count on doing nothing but making license plates – if you’re lucky, for AT LEAST two thirds of your sentence while fighting for medical attention, phones, books and even food.

The reasons for this are largely due to overcrowding conditions combined with minimal forms of rehabilitation and/or employment left in place in Canadian Provincial jails. Books are hard to come by, lockdowns are commonplace and gaining access to programming or treatment needs is just about as likely as winning the lottery. As a result, the trend of violence and the use of segregation continue to escalate, negating the opportunity to proactively pursue treatment and/or earn any form of conditional release.

However, with expert advice and knowledgeable help, you can apply for and receive early temporary absence passes (T.A.P.’s) – time away from the institution to pursue and address things such as rehabilitative programming, medical & mental health treatment needs and employment. And yes, even early parole. Contact Lee to get the ball rolling as soon as possible to assist setting up treatment and parole options rather than risk harsh and unforgiving warehousing for your entire sentence.

In the Canadian federal system today – the bottom line is prisons are overcrowded, resulting in classification and programming being backed up. This means no matter how willing you are to do good time and work towards change, expect to serve a minimum of 50-60 percent of your time, before even attaining a shot at conditional release. However, this can change through being proactive and having the right advice and knowledge working for you.

Lee’s assisted in attaining hundreds of paroles while still an inmate, through charting proactive game plans, drafting parole applications and running mock parole hearings. Over the past five years, he has kept up with the legislative changes and continues to successfully assist his clients’ position themselves for and attain early releases.

As result, Lee possesses unparalleled insight and experience into the parole process. This knowledge allows for Lee’s clients to successfully navigate the intricacies of the system. Lee also provides his clients with comprehensive awareness into the cornerstones of parole grants – thoroughly detailing what Parole Board’s will look for, and need to see, before granting parole.

Lee’s experience and insight into the correctional system and parole process, combined with his success rates, arguably makes him the leader in this field. He has the resources and knowledge to get better results and quicker access to all forms of conditional release than ever expected. Take a moment to review some of Lee’s most recent successes.

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