Canadian Prison Consulting Incorporated

 "Our goal is the pursuit of Smart Justice and increased Public Safety for all Canadians."
– Lee Steven Chapelle, President
Frances Cappe, V.P.

Canadian Prison Consulting Incorporated is comprised of a professional, energetic, and committed team. We provide our clients with aggressive advocacy and case analysis that assures the best opportunity for a successful outcome. Moreover, our proactive and highly experienced team provides trauma and grief counseling in addition to a wide array of reform-based Training, Education, and Workshops. We are pleased to provide discreet representation for our clients throughout Canada.

CPC Inc. is a private consulting firm providing unparalleled information on the workings of the Canadian criminal justice system, corrections, and much more. We are Canada's leading informational, counselling, and advocacy-based service. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive services, ranging from crime prevention initiatives to case-specific information on Canadian corrections and prisoner rights protections for inmates and their families. Fully committed to providing extensive insight, knowledge, and solutions while ensuring the provision of accessible, responsive, and efficient services to meet the needs of our clients.

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