Incarceration Preparation

Preparing You for Life Behind the Bars

CPC Inc. provides a concentrated and comprehensive informational experience that will thoroughly prepare you, and your loved ones, for the huge transition of serving time in Canada. Lee covers and details all applicable information – static & dynamic – so his clients will know exactly what to expect from the moment they're handcuffed and placed into custody.

Lee's one-on-one mentoring services are geared specifically towards removing all unknowns, thereby reducing the stress and uncertainty of entering the Canadian corrections system. Providing counsel on how to cope, survive and make the most productive use of time in the unfamiliar surroundings of jail. Your lawyer has not been to jail and does not have the knowledge to prepare you for life behind bars – Lee Chapelle does.

Lee will work with you while out on bail, in conjunction with your lawyer or legal team, to lower sentences and create sentencing alternatives. Lee views time spent out on bail and the Pre Sentence Report process as a critical juncture to be as proactive as possible and possesses the knowledge and network of resources to help his clients accomplish this. There are many steps that can be taken to position you for the best results in court, thereby laying the foundation for early release.

Lee's services often minimize the actual time his clients spend inside prison, reduce their security classification, and affect the nature and the type of facility they are assigned. This service covers extensive information designed to address all concerns and fears during private consultations that focus on prison life. You will be given useful tools and invaluable information that will help benefit you greatly once inside. Lee's aim is for his clients to do their time as smoothly and productively as possible, actively working to ensure they are not simply "doing time" but rather putting the time to productive use to effectively address the root causes that led to incarceration.

Through current information and advice at the front end, a great deal of grief and unnecessary conflict can be avoided. Especially prior to going to jail, individuals can do many things to ease the transition to incarceration. Lee provides direction on how to carry yourself and unparalleled insight into the dynamic nature of daily life on the inside. Just as importantly, Lee will provide and familiarize you with up-to-date copies of all applicable prison forms.

For example: when entering the federal system, it can take weeks and/or months to get phone calls set up, apply your funds to hygiene & canteen spending, visitor approvals, medication, see a doctor, etc., but there are ways to speed up the process and be prepared. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself accordingly.

The Prep Package Includes the Following:

  • Proactive preparation for the Pre Sentence Report,

  • Liaison with Defense Counsel (simplifying Legal jargon)

  • Set up rehabilitative programs and/or treatment – while on bail & post-incarceration

  • What to expect from the moment you are handcuffed and placed into custody: providing a clear visual of each step and detailed daily routines of applicable jail(s)/prisons

  • Explanation of legislative inmate rights – how they apply to you and your sentence & detailing rights protections services

  • The Correctional Assessment Process

  • How Institutional Placements work

  • Navigating Prison Politics and Institutional Subculture – Inmate Etiquette

  • Personal counseling services

  • Gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the prison experience